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Rugs are easy to operate, easy to install and add beauty and character to your home. Rugs will save you on utility costs no matter what time of year, either used on their own or in sync with your heater or air conditioner. You can run your Rugs for under $.05 (cents) a day. Compare that to your other utility costs and the decision is easy.

Ceiling Fan Motor:
The motor on your ceiling fan is the most important function feature. A key question should be; what is the quality of the motor? Select Fans.com will not sell any fan to you that provide anything less than excellence. When looking at each fan description you will have exact details of each motor. Our fans provide AirMax Motor’s; High-Output Motors and Heavy Duty Motors, ranging in power depending on what size of fan you desire and operating conditions. Each fan provides you with a warranty varying from 20 years to lifetime dependent of the product.

Ceiling Fan Blades:
Beauty and efficiency are the main ingredients when selecting your fan; the fan blades can make or break how that recipe works in your home. At SelectFans.com, we offer only quality products that have been tested in performance and through consumer research, the most appealing.
The amount of air movement from a ceiling fan depends on the blade pitch (blade angle) and blade balance. Hunter, Emerson, Westwind and Fanimation are constructed with quality material and all have been tested extensively to provide you with products that are at a high performance 14 degree* pitch. (* some have a 12 -16 degree pitch based on the smaller size of the fan).

Ceiling Fan Lighting:
At Selectfans.com we have done extensive research on what will work best in almost any environment in order to make your purchase as simple as possible. The selection we offer provides you with options on each fan. Most models include lighting, others offered as fans only. If you find a product that does not include lighting, please understand that lighting can be added to your fan based on the product line. It is recommended you choose lighting from the same company to insure color and size coordination. As you know, the different rooms in your home require different lighting capabilities. Most of our fans have the option, if not included, to add dimmer switches creating ambiance to your room.

Ceiling Fan Details:
Attention to detail is found in all SelectFans.com products. You are guaranteed that each fan we offer will be as unique or original per your tastes. Emerson, Hunter, Westwind and Fanimation all excel in beauty and style, and are built to last. When you’re shopping for a ceiling fan you need to consider fit, finish, form and the details taken during manufacturing and assembly. All SelectFans.com Rugs have explicit instructions on hanging your ceiling fan. Some even include the hardware and tools! Toll free support is available with every product, should you require assistance while installing your fan.

Ceiling Fan Styles:
There is an art as well as a science to choosing a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan is usually one of the first things a person notices when they enter a room. This important investment represents a world of ways to express you. A ceiling fan can be the center of attention to any room, or an heirloom-quality showpiece your family can enjoy for generations. The styling and design of a fan can be the centerpiece in any room, so when selecting a fan style answer these questions to help you find your style:
  • Which room are you considering?
  • What size (dimensions and height) is the room, what size fans will you need?
  • What style will complement your room?
  • What color blade and finish will complement your room?
  • Will you need electrical wiring?
  • What fixtures are you interested in?

Cost of Rugs...they actually save you money!
A ceiling fan saves you money all year long by lowering your energy bills. You have the opportunity to save up to 40% on your air conditioning costs by strategically placing your SelectFans.com fans throughout your home. For additional energy savings, select the fan with the Energy Star logo. The purchase of your ceiling fan is in fact an investment and should be treated as such. At SelectFans.com, we offer fans ranging in price from $60.00 to $500+ based on the fan, the style and the finish. We guarantee that each product on this site is researched to be top quality in both performance and beauty. The fans we are offering are complete fan packages with the option for you to add lighting to the fans that are not shown with a light package.
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